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My name is Tony Chau, 28 years old, born and raised in Winnipeg Manitoba. I did the typical 9 to 5 as a mechanic, hated it. And experienced many years of self-employment through door to door/ b2b/ direct sales where I realized I had the entrepreneurial spirit, I was able to make more money while having more control over my time. Most importantly not be told what to do by a boss. When I had discovered the terms residual income and home-based businesses for the first time, it was a pivotal shift in my life. I finally found a way to build real long term wealth for my family. Researched through many home-based companies, products and services to find LegalShield, a company that brings true legal justice to all individuals, rich or poor, that has a real disruptive app from your smartphone just like Netflix or Uber which changes the whole legal industry forever. So jumping on board was a total no brainer. My goal is to continue to share this wonderful opportunity to help empower and protect more people everyday!​​​​​​​

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